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Seafood Products

Promoting South Australian Seafood

We are committed to giving our customers the freshest seafood possible, and therefore we have a range of fresh and frozen products to choose from. Prices vary so please get in contact for pricing or come in store to view our range first hand.

Image by Ben Stern
Seared Scallops

Southern Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster is brought in fresh from boats that unload in Pondalowie Bay at the bottom end of the Yorke Peninsula. Lobster can be purchased live, green or, the most popular option, cooked. Sizes vary from 600g to 3.5kg+


Oysters are shucked and sold by the dozen or half dozen.


Our scallops are from Hervey Bay. We have bags of scallop meat with roe or scallops in the shell without roe.

King George Whiting

Caught from the waters around Point Turton. This whiting is as fresh and local as it can get. From boat to freezer within hours and filleted ready for you to cook your desired way.

Fish Market


Our prawns are from the Spencer Gulf and are caught and frozen on the boat. Sizes vary depending on what is available.

Atlantic Salmon

Full flavoured Atlantic Salmon, sliced into perfect portions.

Other Seafood

We aim to stock a large variety of seafood. In addition to these items we also stock flake, mussels, red mullet, barramundi, garfish, squid, tommy ruff, octopus and leather jackets. If you can't find what you are after, please let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.

Gift Vouchers

Know someone who loves seafood. Gift vouchers are available and last for 3 years.

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